Why Do Longarm quilters Charge so Much?

Why Do Longarm quilters Charge so Much?

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I found the following blog post from 2016 titled Why Does My Longarmer Charge So Much?.  The post is from AndiCrafts.me and is so very true. Andi points out why we charge what we do, and also why so many of us end up no longer offering custom quilting.

We have all seen the breakdown of why quilts cost so much, the following is from thequiltshow.com and it is from 2018 – imagine how much more it should be with inflation for 2020. The blog post above by AndiCrafts.me is a similar breakdown of why longarm quilters charge what they do to quilt your quilts.

Why do quilts cost so much chart

Why do quilts cost so much

An experienced longarm quilter has a fine set of skills that an untrained person simply doesn’t have and they should be able to expect to earn more than someone who does and entry level job making minimum wage. And they also only keep about half of what they make because of all the other expenses of running their own business and buying equipment.

This is a picture of me and my first Gammill Classic Plus in 2007, it cost nearly $20,000 and I was so excited to learn how to use it and I am still quilting on a 2007 Gammill Classic Plus but a used one that doesn’t have as many extra features but it still works. I have the experience and knowledge to make more than an entry level no skilled worker at a fast food restaurant, and most likely so does your longarm quilter (if I don’t happen to be yours).

Debra and first longarm Stitch

Just some food for thought.

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