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Whole Cloth Quilt for SIL

This pre-printed whole cloth quilt top was one of two that were in the 50 pounds of quilt tops that my brother sent to me last year. He got them at an estate auction and my dear sister in law wanted both whole cloth quilts finished for her bedrooms in their Victorian house. I finally got around to quilting one of them and hopefully can get the other later this year.

The pre-printed whole cloth quilt top is from Benartex and its name is Garden Bouquet. It can easily found online if you google it, prices range from $60 to $80 for the quilt top I think.

I purchased Kona snow white 118″ wide backing fabric  so that I didn’t have to piece the backing because we are going to use the back of it for the actual top instead of the printed top (I don’t know how old this quilt top is and I have heard that they are rather hard to get the marking out if it is old so we didn’t want to take the chance it won’t come out).

Batting is Hobbs Tuscany Wool – I love wool batting but I won’t use it in one of these again. The loft isn’t really necessary due to the even spacing of all the quilting (doesn’t show dimension) and I didn’t like how it acted as I worked on the quilt.

Superior So Fine thread in Bright White top and bobbin.

This is going to look great on her bed, when I had it laid out on mine I realized I could never have a white quilt on my bed. I can’t even wear white shirts without getting something on it right away and with my little dog getting on the bed it wouldn’t stay white for very long.