Vintage Blocks – 9 patch

After our mother passed away and we were going thru her belongings we came across a box of 9 patches, and I am not talking just a few either. I have made two quilts and still have enough for at least 3 or 4 more.

We decided they were probably the blocks we learned how to sew on. Grandma Talbott was our teacher, she made quilt tops to sell and at first we thought maybe they were from her sewing but – they are really poorly put together so we decided it was from our learning days.

9 patch blues
Here are just a few of the blocks that are ready to sew together as soon as I get fabric for sashing.

Today I went on a quilt shop jaunt with my friend Rose and her friend (and now my new friend) Annie to The Quilters Faire in Rancho Mirage, CA. I took some of the blocks with me so that I could find fabric to use as sashing.

Here is the fabric I found at The Quilters Faire. It really doesn’t show up well even though it is under an OTT light. It is kind of a creamy color.

Now that I have my sashing fabric I can start putting it together. I will probably use a blue for corner stones and find something for borders later on.

So that is what is under my needle this week, what is under yours?

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