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Using men’s shirts for quilt fabric

Have you ever deconstructed a men's shirt to use the fabric in it?

Years ago I saw a video by Bonnie Hunter that showed her cutting up men’s dress shirts to use the fabric to make scrappy quilts. She called it de-boning the shirt.

I was amazed how much fabric you could salvage from a dress shirt but every time I looked for them at second hand shops they were all over $3 each and I didn’t want to pay that much. I am cheap I guess but it seemed a lot.

I found a second hand shop today that sold them for $2 but they were also 50% off – I grabbed 11. I still have to de-bone them and I will post pictures of how much fabric I get out of them all when done.

Most of these shirts are at least x large, some 2x tall, and they all look new.

Blue and Yellow Shirts

Today I felt like buying for a blue and yellow quilt, I love this color pallet for quilts. I don’t know what I am going to make yet but I will update you later when I decide.

If you have used men’s shirts as quilting fabric leave a comment.

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