Summer is here

I was sitting on the balcony reading and drinking my coffee when the trucks rolled in to trim the palm trees. So much for a relaxing time on the balcony while it is still cool outside.

It is definitely summer here in Palm Springs, the temp is supposed to be in the triple digits this coming week. We have the most amazing view from our balcony, facing west and being very close to the mountains but that also means we get the direct sun from noon till about 4 or 5 pm.


If you look really close at the top of this palm tree is a man who climbed it with a rope in his hands and spikes in the side of his feet. I live on the second floor and this is from my balcony looking up – that is how tall this palm is. No way would you get me up there.
The sun in the desert is more intense than other places. You can’t take the dogs out during the day and have to avoid the pavement or their paws will burn.

I will post the quilts that are on the frame this week in a little while.

What is under your needle this week?

Happy sewing


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