Shipping Your Quilt

Shipping your Quilt to The Quilters Touch

Ok now that you are ready to send it to your longarm quilter (Me) here are a few things to keep in mind:

Print and complete the order form for each quilt. Include any special instructions.

Place quilt, binding material (if applicable), backing material (if applicable), batting (if applicable), and order form in plastic bag and seal. If shipping more than one quilt, please include one order for each.

Do not use the word “quilt” on the outside of the box where someone will see it and suspect what is inside. Please ship in a secure box that will accommodate the finished quilt. Remember that quilts can be compressed down fairly small and it won’t hurt them.

Please insure your package for the replacement cost in case of loss or damage.

I need to know what day to expect the package so I can make sure to be available to accept delivery. For safety address the box personally to me:

I will give you the address to ship it to when we are scheduling your quilt.

I require 50% of your estimate paid at the time of shipment – no personal checks, please.

I will email you a payment request thru PayPal for the deposit.

When the quilt is finished I will email you an itemized invoice with your final total along with a link to PayPal where you can pay the remainder.

Remember: I return all materials not used with the finished quilt and I don’t trim the quilt after quilting unless I am binding it for you.

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