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See How Easily You Can ​bind your quilts

See How Easily You Can ​bind your quilts

When I first learned how to do binding I used 2.5” wide strips folded in half and sewn onto the sides of the quilt and then cut off even with the top and bottom. I then added another 2 of the same strips onto top and bottom and folded the ends under to hide raw edges. I believe it was a book I picked up by Alex Anderson (Start Quilting with Alex Anderson) on learning to quilt.

That was back before I had any quilting friends or any quilt guilds I went to. I purchased the book and fabric from my local WalMart and never looked back. Not my best binding attempts for sure.

Quilting has come a long way since I helped Mom piece quilts as a teen.

She always cut patterns out of plastic butter tub lids or something similar, and then we drew on the fabric and cut them out with scissors. I was totally sold on the new to me rotary cutters and such when I discovered them and my mom was too although she never had a chance to use them.

My binding has come a long way since then and I am not a perfect binder, but mine looks nice.

I have a specific way I do my binding if I will sew it by machine and another if I will finish my binding by hand. 
Most books and videos teach you to cut your strips 2.5” and occasionally, you will find one that says to cut 2.25” if you want a small binding. I stopped cutting 2.5” years ago, it leaves way too much on either the front of the back or you have to make a wider than 1⁄4” seam when sewing it on the quilt and that makes the binding wider than I like.
If I will sew it by machine, I will cut it 2.25” and fold in half lengthwise, this allows me plenty of extra to top-stitch if I fold back to front or enough to make sure and stitch on the back if folding front to back. 
If I will finish my binding by hand, I will cut it 2” and fold in half lengthwise, that gives a very tiny binding that looks the same front and back and I love the look of it.

2 inch binding

I also do something that I haven’t seen many people around me do when applying the binding, I pin or clip the binding in place all around the quilt and adjust it if the seams where I joined my binding strips together will land close to a corner instead of leaving it loose or wrapping it around something and putting it in place as I sew. I enjoy making scrappy binding with leftover fabric from the quilt top and if you have a lot of seams you take the chance to put extra thickness at the mitered corner and that isn’t a good thing, not if you want a nice miter that is. I don’t know where I learned that from but I won’t ever go back to just sewing it on without first pinning or clipping it in place.​

Great Videos on how to bind quilts

I searched for binding videos on YouTube and man there are a lot of them. Some better than others and I have tried to narrow them down to my favorites and added them here.

And that wraps up this post, I hope you learned something new. I hope you share with your quilting friends and leave me a comment with any other helpful binding links and I will check them out and add them.

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