Quilt retreat 2019 is over
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Quilting Retreat 2019 Is Over

I had a great time at the quilting retreat last week.

I got a lot accomplished, relaxed, ate great food and visited with wonderful quilters.

I did have trouble with my back and neck but after using my hot packs it was manageable. I also had to stack two of the chairs up to make it tall enough to sew comfortably.

Where we stayed

Camp Friedenswald near Cassopolis, MI

Photo from Camp Friedenswald Lake View
Photo from Camp Friedenswald website.

Lake view Lodge 

(from their website)

Capacity: 48 to 56

Lake view Lodge is perfect for large family reunions or church retreats.  It has eight bedrooms; two of these rooms are fully handicap accessible. Each bedroom can sleep 7 and has a private bath. The large central lounge includes a fireplace, game area with ping pong and Foosball, and a spacious kitchen. A nearby beach is located across from the lodge.

There were 23 of us at the retreat and we had enough room for everyone to have a large table to themselves, separate cutting tables, ironing stations and a cozy lounge area near the fireplace. We had 3 people to a room but there are enough beds you can get 5 per room but you would end up sharing sewing table space.

The kitchen is large and nicely equipped if you wish to cook for yourself as we did or you can have them cook for you at an extra fee.

What did I make at the quilt retreat?

The first project

My daughter wanted a quilt to put on the sofa in the family room (guy’s room), I had some motorcycle fabric and she picked out other fabrics to go with it and I made this quilt top. (pattern shown below)

The motorcycle fabric is kind of a newsprint/poster type collage in grey/black/white, then she picked the red barn-wood siding fabric for a pop of color to match the red fridge and bar and she added the skull fabric with the black background so we had good contrast with the lighter motorcycle fabric, the off white fabric centers in the skull blocks looks like crackled paint.

It all ties in with the rest of the basement that has motorcycles, motorcycle racing trophies, skulls, barn-wood and red. 

The fabrics that I used, 

Midnight Blue quilt pattern by Villa Rose

I picked up the pattern card at Monica’s Quilt and Bead Creations in California, it’s name is  Midnight Blue by Villa Rosa Designs. 

I made my quilt square by adding a 5th column of blocks. I might be adding borders also, depends on if my daughter wants it bigger. I will bind it with the red fabric to frame it.

The second project

I took a few 2.5″ rolls of fabric I had purchased at JoAnn Fabrics a couple years ago that I didn’t know what to do with. They each had 10 different fabrics – 2 strips of each for 20 strips per roll. 

I used 3 rolls to make this quilt, they were black/white, gray/white, and another had teal, green, blue, yellow and white. No two blocks are the same, and I will use leftover pieces to bind it with if I have enough. 

This pattern was also a Villa Rosa Designs that I picked up at Monica’s Quilt and Bead Creations in California while I lived there. Its name is Cathedral and although it calls for one fabric in the center of all the blocks, I used different ones. 

It is very jelly roll friendly since all the pieces are 2.5” X 6.5”, fast to cut out and sew together. 

I waited till I got home to lay it out and piece the blocks together, there was a lot of activity and not a lot of floor space. There was 1 design wall, but it was in use most of the week and I didn’t want to hold anyone up if I didn’t feel up to getting it all sewn right away.

I will post pictures of the finished quilt when done. I don’t have a use for this one and it may go to the guilds charity quilts.

Cathedral quilt pattern by Villa Rosa Designs

Third project

This project was a last-minute addition to my packing, and I only grabbed the printout of the pattern. I didn’t expect to actually find time to work on it so I packed nothing I needed for it. I knew I could always have someone grab some white fabric when they went shopping Wednesday (and Judy got me a yard of a lovely white, plenty to make more) but I did not plan that I needed fusible to apply the applique to the backing (Cindy had an extra sheet and gave me some).

It turned out super cute and I think the two houses on the right end remind me of the following cartoon by Bonnie Ellis, I didn’t plan on two houses with the same ‘siding’ next to each other but it is OK, I will just say that person owns a quilting studio next door. And maybe I will hang a colorful fabric out the window like it is a bolt of fabric hanging out of the tower.

I learned a valuable lesson to not eat chocolate while working with white fabric, I did get a smudge on the white background fabric and it may come clean but if not it’s OK it is my reminder of the retreat. 

This is also why I don’t wear white clothes, especially pants. I am a messy eater.

I look forward to our next quilting retreat, fall 2020.

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