Quilters Cache

If you are ever wanting to find a quilt block or stumped on what to do next check out Quilters Cache. Marcia has free quilt block patterns, some are her original patterns.

There are easy and complex blocks and she has a system to tell you how complicated they are. She also has pages to help you learn to quilt if you are a beginner.

I found her site shortly after starting to quilt and one of my first quilts I used one of her patterns (the Economy Block) it wasn’t anything spectacular but it was easy for a beginner. I wasn’t longarm quilting at the time and decided to tie the quilt instead of having it quilted by someone else. I remember doing a tie quilts with my mom when it was a utility quilt and not wanting to hand quilt it. It brought back lots of memories. It was a lot easier to crawl around on the floor when I was a kid, that was how we did it. We laid the back down then the batting and the top and tied it on the floor. I can’t crawl around on the floor anymore (ok I can but watching me get up isn’t pretty) so it is a good thing I have a longarm so I can quilt them. I would love to help you get your quilts finished so after you find that perfect quilt pattern and get it done contact me and lets get it finished.