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Organization at the longarm

For those of us who don’t have a computer and use pantographs here is my solution to organizing them.

I purchased 2 Ikea Alex cabinets for thread and pantograph storage but still found I was searching each drawer to find a specific pantograph.

I also use Machine Quilters Business Manager and I have images of all the pantographs on my website.

What I needed was a way to find them faster so I could be more efficient and I am a sucker for organizers and such. I found some Adhesive Label Holders made for 3 ring binders at Dollar Tree and put one on each drawer front and labeled them  C1D1 (cabinet 1 drawer 1) etc. This worked so well I decided to go back and get more of the labels because I plan on buying more of the Ikea Alex cabinets. I had to go to several stored before I found them again so I bought a bunch of them since I plan on having more cabinets after moving.

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I then updated my website images of the pantographs to correspond with the drawer system and Machine Quilters Business Manager. When I print a shop order in MQBM it tells me what cabinet/drawer to find it and it saves me so much time.