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Never underestimate the value of quilting friends

Quilting friends are valued no matter where I live.

I have been a member of sewing groups where I lived before, I wasn’t always active but appreciated when I did get to go.

I recently moved back to my hometown Lamar, Missouri. It is a small town of just over 4,000 people and it has a very nice quilt shop called The Blue Top Quilt Shop.

I have suffered with depression for many years and my daughter was worried it would get worse if I didn’t have a sewing group to meet with quilting friends since it didn’t seem there was a sewing group that was active in the town. I told her that if there wasn’t one I would start one, so I did.

The quilt shop is very happy to have us meet at their sewing room and if I decide to teach classes they welcome that also. I started a Facebook group to see if there were like minded quilters/sewists in the area. There are a lot of people interested and we had our first get together earlier this  month – there were only 2 other people show up but we have one on this coming Saturday and I expect a bigger turn out.

I think it will grow as time goes on and I look forward to it. Setting it up and organizing it has been good for me as is getting together with like minded people, many of them are classmates that I haven’t seen for many years so it will be great getting to know them again.

Have you ever started a quilting group before?

To all of you who suffer from depression I know how hard it is to force yourself to attend things like this when you aren’t feeling well. There were more times than I want to think about when it was just more work than I could deal with to go and pretend I was ok. But I did find that when I shared that I struggled with depression and I forced myself to go I didn’t feel I needed to put on a happy face if I didn’t feel like it. So I encourage you to try and stay active it does help.

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