Let's do some paper piecing

I really like doing paper piecing, it gives me precision in small blocks and gives me nice perfect points but I know a lot of people find it intimidating. 

I did my first paper pieced wall hanging in 2006, I hadn’t been quilting long and didn’t have my longarm yet and decided to order a monthly kit with instructional video series. It was greaty.

I hope I can aleviate some people’s fears about it. 

Tools and supplies

I found this tutorial on that is much like how I learned to do paper piecing years ago and it is how I recommend doing it. I don’t see any reason I should create a new tutorial when I can just share theirs. 

Certified Instructor, Jackie Kunkel, who is also the owner of one of our Certified Shops, Canton Village Quilt Works,  created this tutorial on the basics of paper piecing.  The tutorial is based on the Which Way’s North pattern, which is a great pattern to start with if you are new to paper piecing.  All of the images and comments you see here are those used in Jackie’s blog, where you can find all of her tutorials and information.

This tutorial will focus just on straight piecing of flying geese, no curved piecing.


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