How to Finance Your Machine Purchase

The struggle to find and finance a quilting machine can be overwhelming for sure. There are a couple of finance companies that work with the quilting machine dealers but they want an arm and a leg and a large down payment. Granted I don’t have great credit, actually it is not good so maybe if you have perfect credit then maybe you would get a better deal. It wasn’t feasible for me because their payments were fairly high and after paying it off it would have been over double the price of the machine.

So if you can avoid them you will be better off. Take out a personal loan, business loan etc. from your local bank if you can, or ask a family member for a loan. That isn’t always a good idea and can cause hard feelings if you don’t pay it off as agreed.

If you search you can find nice used machines at reasonable rates. I have listed below some sites that have used mmachines listed.

How much financing do I really need?

If you have been saving for your purchase then you are ahead of the game, if not then you need to consider the following:

  • Price of machine
  • Price of any additions you want for the machine. (be careful because they do add up pretty fast, find out if you can add them later)
  • Price of shipping and set up

I tend to get focused on something and that is all i can think about. So when i decided to get back into longarm quilting i started searching and researching machines. New ones were more than i could manage so I started looking for a used one and found a lot to choose from but not that many close to home in my price range.

Places to search for used machines (note – most finance companies that I talked to would only finance if buying from a dealer):

(I am not affiliated in any way with any of these sites)

Don’t forget to check out manufacturer sites and local dealers because they get used ones traded in for new ones





Handi Quilter


I am sure there are more if you search – these are the ones I could think of while writing.

Don’t forget to let your quilting friends know that you are looking for one because they may know someone with a machine that are looking to sell.

Once you find the machine you want and are ready to finance check your credit rating, if it is good then you will have better luck getting financed. And ask the dealer if they have any special financing options, they might have some that aren’t advertised.

You might even find someone willing to let you pay payments for a specific amount of time. If so that is a great deal.

As for me, I will be using a couple of options together and hope to have my machine up and running real soon.

I hope this helps you in some small way.

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