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How to add borders like a pro

5 Videos about sewing quilt borders.

Borders add so much to a quilt, defines boundaries, sets off colors in the quilt blocks, gives it an extra punch of color if they need it and sometimes it becomes part of the quilt design. They aren’t always necessary but when they are we want them to be flat and smooth so when the quilt is longarm quilted it comes out square and with no pleats or puckers.

Do you know how to attach borders so they are flat and smooth?

One thing most longarm quilters really dislike is ‘friendly’ borders.

What does that mean you ask????

Friendly borders are wavy instead of flat. In other words they are actually larger than the rest of the quilt.

How does that happen??

If you just cut a strip of fabric and start at one end and sew the fabric border to the quilt top and then cut off the extra – you can almost guarantee you will have a wavy border.

Why does it matter if the border is wavy – it will quilt out right??

Wavy borders cause puckers, ripples, and pleats in the border and can also cause the quilt to not be square when finished.

They can also cause your longarm quilter extra work and aggravation.

Here are a few videos that I think are helpful in getting that perfect quilt border.

I hope these videos help you with attaching borders to your quilts.

Don’t forget you can’t expect the longarm quilter to make your quilt square or your borders straight if they aren’t that way when you take it to her. If you still struggle with them or if you are unable to do borders on your own I can do it for you for a small fee.

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