Free quilt pattern sites

Some of the most popular free quilt pattern sites.

You don't have to purchase patterns

Unless you really want to, and that is perfectly fine and I know all the pattern designers appreciate our purchases but most of them are also very gracious and willing to give us free ones too. There are so many wonderful free patterns available for download that you can spend the rest of your life making them and I don’t know if you would ever run out of patterns.

I know there are more sites but this should keep us all busy for a while and if you find some you want me to add just email me and I will.

I tried to eliminate any that required sign up to get the patterns.

Ready to have Debra quilt for you?

Free estimate . No registration needed. 

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Hours: by appointment only
Her work is excellent, her prices are awesomely competitive and she’s kind. Never a word about wonky blocks, questionable piecing techniques or the occasional wavy border. Her philosophy is that all quilts deserve to be finished. She has a nice variety of patterns to choose from as well as options on how “finished” you want your quilt to be.
Sharon D.
Florida, USA

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Once you have your quilt finished using your free quilt pattern, let me know and I can get it quilted for you.

Ready to have Debra quilt for you?

Free estimate . No registration needed. 

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