Free-Motion Edge 2 Edge Designs

My Gammill longarm isn’t computerized so everything I do is by hand. But free motions edge 2 edge is where I don’t follow a specific pattern, but have an idea in my head of the design I am going to quilt and it flows as I quilt it.

No 2 quilts will look the same when I quilt free hand edge 2 edge designs, even if you request the same design they still will be unique.

Here is a slideshow of some examples. 

I only offer 4 at this time, Loopy paisley flower, feather meander, flower meander, and flower leaves with curls meander.

All are priced at $0.025 per square inch.

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Don’t forget Debra has Quilters Dream batting for sale. Let her know when you schedule your quilting what kind you want to use. (you can provide your own batting as always but it does save you a little shipping charge usually).