It's February already

January where did you go?

I quilted 2 quits in January, one the last custom quilt for a client and the other was a charity quilt. That was enough, it gave me time to rest after my trip to visit family over the holidays. It always takes me a little while to recuperate from traveling. And get ready for what else was going to happen at the end of January.


Dental work

This past week has been a real challenge for me, not many know (but you do now) that I had all my teeth pulled this past Monday and immediate dentures placed. My teeth were brittle and not very nice, it was getting to the point I was having trouble eating so figured it was time. 

I have a bony ridge inside my lower jaw on both sides, they are called tori. You can look it up and find pictures of them, mine isn’t huge but it interferes with denture wearing and the dentist was supposed to remove them when he pulled my teeth. But he didn’t remove them, he thought the dentures would work over them. I wore the immediate dentures for the first day and then went back to the Dentist so he could remove them and fix any sore spots. He had to numb me again just to get them out and I have bruises on my face from trying to force them back in. I finally took them out Tuesday night myself per his instructions to let my gums rest, it was impossible for me to force them back on.

I decided torturing my mouth several times a day and traumatizing my gums like that wasn’t worth it. I will go without till I heal up and then get dentures or implants. If I get dentures they are still going to need to remove the tori. 

You might not see much of me out and about

Although I am not surprised to be toothless it is still embarrassing to be out in public without teeth, but I know it isn’t permanent so I will manage. 

Eating is a challenge and I have lost weight, that is great except I am having to work to eat enough calories to keep going. My daughter is taking great care of me, making sure I have food I can eat that 

I got a new toy in my studio

I bought a Cricut Maker in November and have been having fun learning to use it. I am also learning to use Inkscape to design files to use with it. 

I have made wooden sign with vinyl lettering for our Groomer for Christmas, Christmas cards for friends, can koosies for the racing team, t-shirts decorated with vinyl, I even made a couple of stenciled door mats. 

No telling what I will make next. 

Working on mom's sewing machine

I settled Mom’s sewing machine into it’s permanent location and started cleaning it. My son worked on the cabinet and refinished and veneered the table ready for me to use but the machine itself is very dirty and you can definitely tell it has been used a lot.

It was purchased new in the mid 60’s probably, Dad can’t remember exactly but they paid payments on it to be able to afford it. I was a baby, youngest of 4 kids that mom sewed clothes for. We all learned to sew on it and it is special to me. 

Look at the groove worn in the paint and metal from where the spool for winding the bobbin was. That is years of use. 

I will be ready to quilt before long.

I hope to be healed and energetic enough in a week or so to get back to sewing and quilting. So if you have a quilt you are ready to get finished let me know and we shall get it scheduled. Not having teeth won’t affect my quilting any – Gracie (my longarm) doesn’t care what I look like and neither does my little dog Nikki.

Services offered

I am open to accept quilts – pantograph and edge 2 edge free hand designs only. 

I offer pantograph quilting and free hand edge 2 edge quilting. 

Learn more here.

Ready to have Debra quilt for you?

Free estimate . No registration needed. 

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Hours: by appointment only

I receive a small monetary compensation for any purchases you might make thru some links on my site. This doesn’t cost you anything extra, but it does help me out.

Ready to have Debra quilt for you?

Free estimate . No registration needed. 

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