Santa Diamond Art by Leisure Arts
Santa Diamond Art by Leisure Arts

Diamond Art by Leisure Arts

Santa in diamonds - a review

Leisure Arts sent me one of their diamond art kits to review. They let me choose what one I wanted, and the Santa was so bright and I thought it would look great in our home so I chose it.

My experience with diamond painting

This is the first time trying Diamond painting and wasn’t sure I would enjoy it enough to invest in the supplies it would take. Let’s face it I don’t need any other crafting supplies lying around or projects that need to do. And there are plenty of UFO’s keeping me occupied and books I want to read.

But I figured I could try it since they were giving it to me.

It includes everything you need to make in the box; It is a full drill, that means the gems fill the entire picture and wow it sparkles in the light.

Santa Diamond Art by Leisure Arts
Santa Diamond Art by Leisure Arts

Kit includes:

  • 15×15 inch Printed fabric with heavy-duty glue on the printed part. It finishes at 12×12 inches
  • Gems sorted by color (22 colors came with the Santa)
  • Stylus
  • Craft tray
  • Wax to put in the stylus’s tip
  • Comfort grip for the stylus
  • Instructions

How long did it take to finish?

My kit arrived Thursday, September 12th, and it came packaged very well so it was in perfect shape when it arrived. I started working on it the next evening since I spent the weekend alone and I could work on it in the living room while watching TV of an evening.

I found it addictive.

I finished it Wednesday, September 18th (today) and I plan on framing it before Christmas. I think I will get an IKEA frame for it.


  • They included everything; I didn’t have to buy anything extra and I won’t have a lot of crafting supplies left over to store.
  • They packaged it nice enough to give as a gift and arrived in perfect condition.
  • The finished product was just as pictured
  • Good quality canvas with clear markings for placement
  • Glue on the canvas is strong
  • Instructions were clear and easy to follow.


  • I needed more zip-lock bags than what came with the kit, there weren’t enough for all 22 colors.
  • I didn’t care for the wax in the stylus (see the included video for ideas on replacing the wax)
  • The comfort grips on stylus kept sliding off, but that wasn’t a big deal for me.

I have three things to help if you try Diamond painting:

1. Don’t drop the package of gems that are the same color as your carpeting right before going to bed.

Ask me how I know that tan gems on the tan carpet are difficult to see.

(Two great recommendations if I did it again; use a lint roller to pick them up or put pantyhose on the end of the vacuum and pick them up that way, wish I had thought of that instead of crawling around with my flashlight.)

2. Use a light box under the canvas to help you see the markings. It isn’t necessary if you have good overhead lighting but my living room doesn’t have any lights overhead. My light box was perfect underneath and didn’t distract from watching TV. If you don’t have a light box, please do work on them where you have overhead lights or you can move a lamp close to your work.

3. I found this video on YouTube and thought it was helpful.

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Santa Diamond Art by Leisure Arts
My finished Santa waiting to be framed.
Santa Diamond Art by Leisure Arts
My finished Santa waiting to be framed.

Have you tried Diamond Painting yet?

If you have tried Diamond Painting let me know your experiences with it. I had fun doing it and definitely will be getting more kits.

If you are interested in purchasing the Santa kit or any of the other Leisure Arts Diamond Arts kits you can find them by following the link below. If you do  purchase thru the links on my site please know I am an affiliate of Leisure Arts and will receive a small commission, this costs you nothing extra.

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