Batting Available

I strive to offer quality products and that is why I use Quilters Dream batting. It is strong yet soft, their slogan fits very well “quilts like a dream”

You do not have to purchase batting from me when I quilt for you, but it is convenient and I know the quality of the batting is going to make your project shine. 

Prices upon request

Dream Blend

  • 70% cotton and 30% Fine Denier Poly and is perfect batting for machine quilting.
  • In stock and sold by the inch

Dream Cotton - Available In 4 Thicknesses

  • Any size can be ordered
  • Request - thinnest loft (available in natural and white)
  • Select - mid loft (available in natural and white)
  • Deluxe - weighty loft
  • Supreme - heaviest loft

Dream Polly - Available In 3 Thicknesses

  • Any size can be ordered
  • Request - thinnest loft
  • Select - mid loft
  • Deluxe - weighty loft

Specialty Batting that can be ordered in

  • Dream Wool - lofty yet light weight. (I love wool batting when you want that custom quilting to really show.
  • Black select - mid loft batting
  • Dream angel select - mid loft batting that is flame retardant.
  • Dream puff - lofty yet light poly (this is soft and fluffy batting)
  • Dream green - mid loft - made from 100% recycled bottles. (surprising soft)
  • Fusion 80/2-0 - 80% cotton & 20% poly with fusible webbing.
  • Dream orient - mid loft - blend of silk, bamboo, cotton and tencel

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