Hi, I am Debra Pugh

Retired Longarm Quilter and Writer at The Quilters Touch Blog

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Early Quilting

I grew up crafting and sewing and think that is an amazing way to grow up. We learned to sew, quilting, crocheting, knitting, embroidery, and I even taught myself to tat but I didn’t stay with anything but sewing and later on quilting.

I remember helping Mom cut out quilt blocks the old-fashioned way and Grandma pieced quilt tops to sell from old clothes and such she bought at sales.

Other Endeavors

I grew up in a small town and married and had kids and later grandkids.

I was a nurse for four years until I realized I didn’t enjoy it and moved toward more natural health care.

As a successful massage therapist in Missouri for 18 years I created and owned the Healing Touch Massage Therapy Clinic where I had a large clientele that enjoyed my nurturing touch until I retired from massage in 2013.

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Debra and first longarm Stitch

My Longarms

I got my first longarm quilting machine in 2007 and started The Quilters Touch – I did both massage and quilting at the same location till I retired from massage, sold my longarm and moved to California to live with my daughter.

I purchased my second longarm (almost identical to the first one) while living in California and brought it to Indiana with me where we now live.

I have a hand-guided stitch regulated Gammill Classic Plus name Gracie by its previous owner and we are great friends.

I sleep under quilts all year long (I use wool batting because it is warm in winter and cool in the summer) and add more quilts the colder it gets in winter.

We have more quilts than we know what to do with, and I am fast running out of walls to hang things on. All the grandkids and kids have quilts and many friends. But it won’t stop me from making more.

I have quilted for customers all over the USA, including Hawaii. I even have one international customer who was vacationing in Palm Springs and brought her quilt to me while they were there.

Nikki on vintage quilt