Photo by Sincerely Media on Unsplash
Photo by Sincerely Media on Unsplash

The new year

I know it is almost the end of January - but you know how busy life can get.

Did you make any New Year resolutions? Have anything new going on in your life? I would love to hear if you do.
I don’t make resolutions, can’t keep them so don’t bother.

I am working on a few things that I hope to be announcing later in the year. No hints yet on what I am working on.

Sorry it has been so long since I wrote, I have been busy and I took off 2 weeks to visit family in Missouri over the Christmas and New Year school break (grand kids break not mine) I had a great time; the grands are growing up so fast. I hope to get back to visit again this summer.  I started writing a post about my hometown of Lamar Missouri while I was on vacation, maybe I will get it finished next week.

Still taking new quilts for Pantographs

I am open to accept quilts – pantograph and edge 2 edge free hand designs only. 

A quilt just came off the longarm and was shipped yesterday, it is the last custom/heirloom quilt for customers. It was accepted it before I stopped doing custom/heirloom quilting. It is a pretty applique and lots of stitches in the ditch and outlines work. 

Even though I am not taking custom/heirloom quilts, I am looking forward to quilting anything else you might be ready to have done.

I offer quilting with pantographs

I wanted to give you an example of pantograph quilting in case you aren’t familiar with what they are.

Pantograph patterns are quilted in rows across the quilt and I repeat the rows down the length of the quilt. They take no concern to avoid any part of the quilt such as an applique or 3 dimensional embellishments (if you want to avoid such things you need custom quilting and I don’t offer that anymore).

My Gammill longarm has a laser light that I used to follow a paper pattern that is laid on the longarm base, this helps me keep the design consistent throughout the whole quilt. Since I hand guide the machine, there will be slight inconsistencies in the design.

I quilted this quilt with the pantograph square spirals and she won a ribbon at our local quilt show in 2019. 

pantograph quilting

Pantograph quilting can look great on most types of quilts. It is great for anything that will be used regularly, density of the designs varies depending on the pattern chosen. I have images of the patterns I have available here.

Pantographs aren't all I offer, free hand edge 2 edge quilting is available

My Gammill longarm isn’t computerized so everything I do is by hand. But free motions edge 2 edge is where I don’t follow a specific pattern, but have an idea in my head of the design I will quilt and it flows as I quilt it.

No 2 quilts will look the same when I quilt free hand edge 2 edge designs, even if you request the same design they still will be unique.

Here is one example of a free hand edge 2 edge I can do. You can see a slideshow of others here.

Flower Meander

And don't forget I also offer meandering.

If you have a quilt that doesn’t need much in the way of quilting design, a utility quilt or one you don’t want to spend much money on, meandering is a great option.  

This quilting is where I free hand meander all over the quilt, 3 to 4 inches apart. I won’t do it smaller than that, way too hard on my body to do it. 

Here is a good example on this vintage quilt.

meander quilting

I am ready to get started on your quilts for this year, let me know what you have going on.

Ready to have Debra quilt for you?

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Ready to have Debra quilt for you?

Free estimate . No registration needed. 

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