Whale watching

Last summer my daughter Becca and I realized we had a lot of things we planned on doing now that I lived in Cali with her that we hadn’t done yet. And realized time was running out since we were moving back to the Midwest. But we had to be realistic and only do what we felt was the most important or interesting. We had to work around her job, her trips with her friends and to see her guy and make sure I didn’t overdo things and get sick.

Becca and I went whale watching in September 2017 and I never got around to sharing that with you.

We always said we would go whale watching but realized it was almost moving time and we hadn’t done it yet so she got busy and scheduled us a trip. We drove down to Dana Point to one of the companies there (there are several) and went out to see some whales. We never did see any whales but we did see some seals and I got to go out on the ocean for the first time, I hadn’t ever been farther than the beach before.

It was a good day spent with my daughter in sunny California before we moved to the snow and cold of Indiana. 🙂

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