Prairie Sun Woodworks

Introducing Prairie Sun Woodworks, My son Nathan and his wife Meghan started making primitive woodworking projects and furniture – large and small for sale. They don’t have a website at this time but they do have a Facebook page, so I thought I would make this page and share it with you along with some pictures of their work. Also, my son Ben and his wife Debbie are making and selling with Nathan and Meghan and their work is also included here.

Both of my boys are talented woodworkers, please peruse their work and if you see something you would love then give them a holler, I am sure they can fix you right up with it.

From simple décor items to rooms full of furniture, we make eye catching items to make your home yours.

We specialize in indoor/outdoor furniture. feel free to message if you would like the details on any furniture or décor items you are interested in. We can also do any custom work for you.
If you want more information or want to order something you see here please contact them directly – don’t contact Debra at The Quilters Touch.
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