Drivers license in Indiana

I am finally getting around to getting an Indiana drivers license. It can be a real pain moving and then getting all of your papers in order, changing car and home insurance providers, health insurance, licenses etc not to mention the trouble getting new Doctors and pain management Doctors. I propose we don’t move to another state again – like ever. 🙂

We are settling in here pretty well, my daughter starts work next week at her new job. I have the longarm up and going and looking for new clients. That is another problem moving to another state presents, finding more local clients. There are always going to be those who don’t mind mailing them and that will probably be the majority of clients.

This has been our view outside the windows for awhile now. I love snow and usually don’t even mind getting out into it. Dress warmly especially when taking the dog out. Keep blankets in the car always in case you get stranded and need extra warmth. And that brings me to the drivers license – taking the test once again. I guess I better check and see if Indiana has any odd driving laws that I don’t know about. Luckily the small town that is only 30 minutes away has a BMV office so I don’t have to go very far.

I better get back to work, keep quilting and let me know when you are ready for me to finish one of your quilts.

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Here on my site, you will find the services I offer, Longarm Quilting on my Gammill Classic Plus as well as sewing, but you will also find (at least I hope you will) information and encouragement to learn new things. We can all learn from one another so if there are tips and tricks that you would like to share then let me know and I can add them to our tips and tricks page.

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